A Guide to Different Types of Jobs at Golf Courses

09 Jan

Lots of people want to work at golf courses for a variety of different reasons. Some love the game and want an excuse to be around it even while they're on the clock. Others know that golfing enthusiasts often have a lot of money and they think they'll get great tips if they work at a golfing facility. Still others know the work is a good way to meet influential individuals and, hopefully, advance to a different job in the near future. No matter what your interest in golf course employment stems from, you'll benefit from reading this guide.

The next several paragraphs feature details about just some of the jobs that exist at golfing facilities at www.southernhillsplantationclub.com around the world. No matter where you happen to live, there's probably at least one golf course within easy driving distance of your home. This is one of the globe's most popular sports, so there is certainly no shortage of employment opportunities at country clubs and other golfing facilities.

Golf Pros Are In High Demand

If you're a golfer yourself who has played at either the semi-professional or professional level at some point in time, you might be a good candidate for employment as a golf pro. These people typically give lessons to individuals who may need help with their golf game or who have never golfed before. Golf pros are usually paid by the hour, though there might be some salaried positions available. It bears noting that these staff members tend to work evenings and weekends on a fairly regular basis, especially in the summertime.  Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t889d-QaWSo to understand more about golf.

Refreshment Staff Are Always Wanted

Most golf courses employ people, often high school or college students, who drive their own golf carts around the course and sell alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, and light refreshments to the people who are enjoying the links on any given day. These staff members don't usually get paid a lot of money on an hourly basis, but they tend to make great tips. It's also an excellent job for high schoolers who aren't interested in retail or in waiting tables.

Qualified Golf Course Managers Are Needed

Golf courses around the world could not run without exceptional managers. If you're interested in getting into golf course management, you can expect to be a salaried employee with benefits and vacation days. As a general rule, golfing facilities like their managers to have bachelor's degrees in hospitality management or business, but years of management experience may be substituted for education in some cases. Click here for more info!

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